Roger Goodell and “Texans Chick” and the evolution of social media

Stephanie Stradley, who used to blog in the Houston Chronicle as “Texans Chick,” was invited to speak for the fans concerning Commissioner Roger Goodell in a recent MMQB feature for

I was glad to see her chosen for this honor. I used to really enjoy participating in her blog, which I miss (more about which later).

Stradley, who is a practicing attorney, notes:

A lot of fans think Goodell is a lawyer. He isn’t. It seems like his worldview is constrained by only working for the NFL straight out of college, starting as an intern and working his way up until he was finally promoted to the level that shows his incompetence. The worst manager is someone who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know but has immense power. The kind of power where people may not be candid with him, and his subordinates let pizza grow cold while waiting for their boss to eat the first slice.

The last part refers to some recent reporting that depicts Goodell’s underlings as so sycophantic that they won’t eat pizza in informal late meetings until the boss has taken the first bite.

I’m not a big fan of Roger Goodell, who seems like the worst combination of clueless and heavy-handed, as represented in this Valentine meme:

A “humorous” example of how Commissioner Roger Goodell is seen by some NFL fans.

My main point in this post, though, is to lament the sorry state of the coverage of the Texans and to wonder if Steph Stradley will be blogging the Texans this upcoming season (I hope so–she combines a lawyer’s passion for evidence with a fan’s perspective and a Texan sense of fun). I’m not sure what has happened to the web support (or whatever it’s called), but looking at NFL coverage on there has a nostalgic feel. Nostalgia, that is, for the days of dial-up-modem Internet access. You know, the good old days when you never opened a website without the definite possibility that it would crash, and possibly even mess up your computer–even the dreaded BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! That’s how the Houston Chronicle’s web-based coverage of the NFL and the Houston Texans has “evolved.” Backwards, if like a crab you could go backward, to get all Hamlet-quoting literary about it, as befits a blog with the word examen in its name.


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