Time For Condi?

Dr. Rice probably deserves a job where if she makes a mistake, thousands of people don't die.
Dr. Rice probably deserves a job where if she makes a mistake, thousands of people don’t die.

Roger Goodell upheld Tom Brady’s suspension today, and it was handled with the Commissioner’s usual blend of self-righteous heavy-handedness and a blatant attempt at distraction: the Arizona Cardinals announced, likely with some nudging from the NFL offices, that they would be employing (if that’s the right word) a female coach (I loved what Bruce Ariens had to say about the Green Hornet). My own view is that the son of a Republican Senator ought to know how to handle bad news: release the appeal finding at cocktail hour on Friday. But, no, Goodell blunders on in his own narcissistic way, drawing attention to himself and at the same time making the league look all that much more salacious, as if he spends all his time cracking down on football-criminals, as if the NFL is nothing but a lair for football-super-criminals (Tom Brady even has a ready-made arch-villain nickname: The Golden Boy). Deadspin summarized the action as follows:

The NFL has issued a stirring 20-page decision on the issue of New England quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension. In it, Roger Goodell makes the case for upholding his own decision by citing evidence gathered by the NFL’s investigatory arm and a nominally independent law firm. It reads about the way you’d expect of a sort of I-play-a-lawyer-on-TV judicial opinion written by a boiled porkchop, which is to say that you really shouldn’t bother reading it unless you have to for your job.

I have to wonder if having taken the entire off-season to make a decision about the inflation of footballs, maybe Goodell has worn out his welcome with the owners, who have had the best team in their sport held hostage by a dolt making a decision that really should be covered by policy.

I have to wonder if it’s time for Condi.

Condoleeza Rice should probably be the next Commissioner of the NFL, and she should probably take over the job right away.  Dr. Rice wants to be Commissioner of the NFL, by all accounts, and has demonstrated all the attributes required of the position, has shown that she can handle the challenges of the position. She survived Washington in-fighting with the likes of Donald Rumsfeld, so Mr. Bidwill in Phoenix isn’t going to scare her off. The NFL annual revenue of around $9 billion a year is something like what she helped waste every day in the war in Iraq, so the stakes aren’t too high for her.

If it’s Time For Hillary, and a billion dollars or more will be spent trying to tell us that it is, isn’t it Time For Condi?


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