Give Your Off-Season Reading a Workout–AT A DISCOUNT!

I don’t really live the Pro Football Calendar the way the hardcore fan does anymore, but I’m still aware of the passing milestone-dates of the NFL year. After the Super Bowl comes free-agency, and after free-agency the draft. Building the roster. Then the team begins to work together in Organized Team Activities (OTA’s) and mini-camps. Then comes training camp and the preseason, all about getting the team ready to compete in the regular season. This Year’s Edition!

These days I’m more in tune with the liturgical calendar. We just finished the Lenten season with the Easter Triduum. The Easter season has begun. Ordinary time will follow, then Advent and Christmas. Living a more spiritually-directed life.

Read about how I made that transition in the memoir of my faith-journey as an American football fan: Farewell to Football? An American Fan’s Examination of Conscience. (Read the Kirkus book review here.)

Take 15% off the price of Farewell to Football? in paperback.

DISCOUNT: To receive a 15% discount on the paperback version of my peculiar literary-spiritual memoir: Click on THIS LINK, click on “Add to Cart” button, and enter the discount code UQAEWA7F in the box in the lower right hand corner of the “Shopping Cart” page, and get 15% off!

47767911_High Resolution Front Cover_6181606 (2)Farewell to Football? An American Fan’s Examination of Conscience. Click here to order a copy in Kindle format.


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