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A while back, I started working on a book about football, and pretty quickly realized that it would be an examination of conscience, the process of a life-long football fan asking “why is football such a big deal, such a quintessentially American big deal, and how important should the game really be?”

As of June 8, 2016, the book is available at this “e-store.”

Read the Kirkus Review of this book: CLICK HERE FOR BOOK REVIEW

This blog will include some of the fruits of that process, along with some goodies that won’t fit in the book, Farewell to Football? An American Fan’s Examination of Conscience.


In Athens, I had to borrow the
In Athens, I had to borrow the “G” shirt.

I used to be Associate Director for Writing Programs at the University of Houston Writing Center, and I’m a veteran of U. S. Army service as an Infantry and Special Forces officer. I graduated with a Ph. D. from the University of Houston Creative Writing Program, and my work has appeared in Arizona Quarterly, War, Literature, and the Arts, Assessing Writing, Gulf Coast, and the Mark-Heberle-edited Thirty Years After: New Essays on Vietnam War, Literature and Film. I currently teach at a Jesuit high-school in Houston.

Contact me by email at liparulos@yahoo.com or farewell2football@gmail.com

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