Farewell to Football? (book description)

Farewell to Football? An American Fan’s Examination of Conscience is a work of literary non-fiction. Visit the Farewell to Football e-store @ https://www.createspace.com/6181606

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How important should football really be?

At its core a memoir with a strong narrative impulse, Farewell to Football plots the intellectual and spiritual odyssey of a reader and a writer–student, soldier, teacher, scholar, and always a sinner–navigating straits of excess and illusion, one American football fan by turns in love with and fed up with the sport.

The work is framed in terms of fourteen noteworthy games over five decades as a recurring question deepens in its echoes and resonance: “Why is football such a big deal, such a quintessentially American big deal, and how important should the game really be?”



Table of Contents

  1. Super Bowl XLVII: Farewell to Football? (2013).
  2. Houses of the Holy: My First NFL Game (1977).
  3. The School of Athens: An Educated Life (1979-83/2013).
  4. “Five in a Row Dome Show” (1968/1982/2013).
  5. Monday Night Football: Everybody Wants to Rule the World (1985).
  6. Free Fallin’ (1991).
  7. Perfect Starts (1992).
  8. The Last Season in the Astrodome (1996).
  9. Just Getting There, Part I (1999).
  10. The Adventures of Cardboard Tim in Territory Held Largely by the Devil (2004).
  11. “I” Is for “Ike,” Like the Hurricane (2008).
  12. Just Getting There, Part II (2010).
  13. Veterans Day: Winning Ugly (2012).
  14. The School of Athens, continued: The Cost of an Education (2013).
  15. Epilogue: Spartacus Super Bowl (2015).

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