Professional Help for Professional Writing

Writing Is Revising

Writing can play an important role in procuring contracts for many businesses and professions, and effective writing is usually the result of substantial revision. Most professionals can only devote limited time to revision, however, so they need a plan for revising effectively and efficiently. I can provide support for every stage in a professional  writing process.

I build from detailed analysis of the specific kind of writing being produced. From that analysis emerges a plan to revise for clarity and strength, concentrating on subjects and verbs related to purpose and audience. Revising subjects to best reflect the specific purpose of the writing (as mapped out in the outline of the document) and verbs to best express the “strength of claim or case” (the writing’s accountability to evidence), combined with understanding the needs and preferences of the audience, will result in much more effective writing. This systematic approach can be scaled to fit the time-management needs of the situation.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you improve writing for your business. Working on a contract basis, I can provide a full range of consulting, professional-development, and editorial services.

Steven Liparulo
6810 Carvel Ln
Houston, TX 77074-6212



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